Finally!  An article that addresses my own meager observations concerning the disappearance of pubic hair on women over the past couple decades (and on men, too, according to The Atlantic article).  I find great joy in finally seeing an article that starts out with the line “I must have missed the declaration of war on pubic hair,” as that’s exactly how I feel.  I mean, I didn’t necessarily miss it… I did notice the disappearing pubes… I just didn’t know it had gone this far… or that it was ‘a war.’  It seems (to me, anyways) like this all came about with little to no public conversation or reporting.  Gee… haven’t we evolved enough to allow a general discussion about ‘pubic hair’?  To shave… or not to shave???  (Apparently not)

So… why do I care?  Well, I don’t, really.  I just don’t understand why.  I’m of the “if it’ ain’t broke, then don’t fix it” generation.  My motto is:  We came with hair, so leave it there!  I choose to believe that it’s probably there for a reason (and no… not just because we’re all chimpanzee or gorilla descendants)

Oh well… just so long as Congress doesn’t pass a law requiring me to shave MY pubes (which, BTW, wouldn’t surprise me), then so be it.

In case you’re interested, here’s several articles I found that discuss the “Case of the Missing Pubes”:

Gotta go… uh… scratch… my pubes… before they disappear.