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Be Prepared for PROTECT IP & DNS Censorship

Just in case PROTECT IP passes, along with its planned Domain Name Services (DNS) filtering (a.k.a. censorship) of “alleged” infringing websites, prepare yourself by reviewing these guides published by ZeroPaid.  Over the past month, ZeroPaid has published eight guides for circumventing/defeating US DNS censorship.  Links to each of the guides is posted below.

ZeroPaid Guides:  How to Circumvent and/or Defeat US DNS Censorship:

  1. Obtaining Server IPs via command prompt
  2. Using DNS Web Tools
  3. Using Your Hosts File
  4. Using MAFIAAFire
  5. Using Tor
  6. Using Foxy Proxy
  7. Changing Your DNS Server
  8. Using a VPN

If you’re still not privy as to what the “PROTECT IP” act is about and how it will break the Internet as we know it today, see my previous posts on June 1, 2011 and June 6, 2011.  Both contain links to numerous reference information, articles and technical white papers.  If you haven’t contacted your lawmakers to urge killing this nasty piece of legislation, visit “Demand Progress” where you can send a personalized email to your representatives.

Computer stuff: Security Now, Windows Secrets & Ask Bob Rankin…

Security Now podcast:
Leo Laporte of TWiT & Steve Gibson of Gibson Research Corporation (home of SpinRite) have started another “How the Internet Works” podcast at Security Now.  Scroll down to Episode 309 (14 Jul 11) to download the podcast or transcript.  Here’s direct links to the first two episodes:

  • Episode 309, How the Internet Works, Part 1  (mp3)  (pdf)
  • Episode 313, How The Internet Works: ICMP & UDP (mp3) (pdf)

Steve and Leo Laporte did another “How the Internet Works” on Security Now over five years ago.  Scroll down to Episode 25 (02 Feb 2006) for the first episode in this series (mp3) (pdf).

Windows Secrets Newsletter:
This information-packed newsletter has been around for over 4 years.  For a small donation you can also enjoy the paid version which provides even more useful info.  Here’s a short sampling of some of their free articles:

Ask Bob Rankin:

The “Ask Bob Rankin” site provides a lot of useful information concerning PCs, peripherals  utility software, and much more.  Here’s a sampling of some of his articles:

The last article (Microsoft System Sweeper) references a tool, currently in beta, called Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper.  It promises to help start an infected PC and perform an offline scan to help identify and remove rootkits and other advanced malware.

Gotta’ go.  Oh… a friend was passing through Clarkston, WA & saw a bumper sticker with Obama’s picture and the text “Does this ass make by truck look big?”  Gave me a chuckle, plus I can think of LOTS of other pictures to use (including my own).  Latah’s