Keurig Elite Brewer (B40)We recently “broke” two Keurig Coffee Brewers (2 different models) last month at work.  Both were in operation for less than a week.  On both brewers, no water would pump out.  You could hear the pump briefly start, then immediately quit.  I searched the web for a clue as to what might be the problem and found nothing.  Bed, Bath & Beyond replaced both units.

On the second return, the BB&B clerk mentioned that over-pressurized K-Cups might be a problem as we’re located near Colorado Springs, elevation 6500+ ft.  All K-Cups we’ve purchased here have extended tops & bottoms and are extremely tight.  The clerk said that because the top of the K-Cup gets pierced first, the over-pressurized K-cups may be causing coffee grounds to be forced back into the pump (causing its failure).  The solution she suggested is to press the K-Cup into the holder and pierce its bottom BEFORE lowering the lever/handle & subsequently piercing the top of the K-Cup last.

The third Keurig brewer has now been functioning for nearly a month with no issues.  Frankly, I’m a bit skeptical with the clerk’s explanation of pump failure… but what the hey?  With two previous brewers both dying after only a day or two of use, the third one is now going strong.  Bottom line?  I’m certainly not going to pay the going price for something this ‘fragile.’