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Open Letter Song on Piracy (Dan Bull)

Boy… I can’t believe this has been out there for over a year & I never saw it!  If you have any interest in copyright, you should watch & listen to this great video on YouTube.

Mike Masnick at Techdirt posted a great article with direct links to not only this video letter, but also to two other videos concerning copyright & piracy.

Here’s links to the original TorrentFreak articles concerning Dan Bull’s video letters to Lily Allen (concerning piracy) and Lord Mandelson (concerning Britain’s “Digital Economy Bill”).  Be sure to read the lyrics to both songs.  If you haven’t heard about the Digital Economy Bill, it passed and we better watch out — our administration will likely try to pass something similar (or even worse) here in the US in the not so distant future.

Articles report that “both Windows & Macs suck” (and they’re right!)

Two great articles from Ars Technica this week, one on Monday highlighting the ‘suckiness’ of Windows followed by one today covering Apple’s ‘suckiness.’  Both articles were written by Peter Bright and in my opinion, are “spot on.”

The 21st century guide to platform trolling: Windows edition

The 21st century guide to platform trolling: Apple edition

I highly encourage you to yonder over to Ars Technica & take a peek at these articles.  It’s really a treat to see dual articles (by the same author, no less) speak accurately about two competing OS’s.  Atho’ I’m a Windows-only user, I have no issues with what Mr. Bright had to say about Windows (yeah… it sucks)  — and I agree TOTALLY with EVERY SINGLE THING he pointed out concerning Apple.

And lastly… both articles are a quick read, full of graphic examples and quite humorous!