Yes indeedy… with the recent introduction of the House version of the Senate’s “PROTECT-IP” bill (Stop Online Privacy Act, or SOPA), they’ve managed to incorporate everything the MPAA & RIAA have ever dreamed of getting!  Of course, with all the money the content industry has donated to our representatives over the past many years, is it really that surprising?

If you read my previous posts concerning PROTECT-IP, they referred to the bill introduced by our illustrious Senate several months ago.  However bad that bill was, this new one — introduced  just a couple weeks ago in the House of Representatives — is much worse.

The House version of PROTECT-IP creates vague, sweeping new standards for secondary liability, drafted to ensure maximum litigation.  It treats all U.S. consumers as guilty until proven innocent.  If passed, the bill would give media companies unprecedented new powers to shape the structure and content of the Internet.

The folks behind Fight For the Future have teamed up with Kirby Ferguson & put together a 4 minute video about the problems with PROTECT IP here.

If you only read one article about PROTECT-IP, then this is the one at C/Net.

For a list of articles by Mike Masnick @ Techdirt that provide excellent coverage of PROTECT-IP, go here.

Next Wednesday, Nov 16th, is being declared “American Censorship Day” by numerous organizations to recognize Congressional hearings on the first American Internet censorship system.  Better watch out — given the current state of affairs in Congress, this bill can pass, and if it does the Internet and free speech will never be the same.

Make your voice heard before it’s too late by contacting Congress.  It can be done with a minimum of effort at either  “Fight for the Future” or “Demand Progress.