I mentioned last December how Hollywood, in it’s infinite stupidity, was becoming upset with the success of Netflix’s streaming video service.  Looks like they’re notching up the pressure now, with Showtime and Starz both limiting and/or delaying content that they’ll make available to Netflix.

Mike Masnick @ Techdirt has a great post that covers Hollywood’s “plan” to kill Netflix.  Be sure to read his reference articles from the LA Times & Variety.

It never fails to amaze me how the content industry, as a whole, continues to cut its own throat — over…  and over…  and over again.  They rant & rave about how piracy is killing their business, yet all they do is eliminate — one by one — any and all legal means to obtain their content.  If they cannot fully control it, they fight it.

If the only competition (legal or not) is P2P — then my “vote” is with P2P.

P.S.  You might find interesting this other post from Techdirt a few weeks ago concerning Hollywood.