Normally I’d just put a link to an interesting article, but in this case I don’t think you can get to it unless you’re a subscriber.  So… I’ve taken the liberty to post a copy (pdf file) of the article — at least until I’m asked to remove it.  It’s an opinion piece from the Feb 18th issue of “The Economist.”

A lot of people, especially my mother who turned 91 on Feb 19th, think our country & political system is in a mess.  Well, I say — it’s ALL relative.  If you read (or watch) only the main stream U.S. news, then “Yes” — we certainly are ‘in a mess.’  I think it’s extremely refreshing to read an article from ‘the outside’ (outside the USA, that is), that expresses an opinion that what we’re experiencing today in America is “American Democracy at Work.”

Personally, I find this article extremely refreshing!