Is it:

  • a 1964 TV series about a Bottlenose Dolphin?
  • a punk band in San Francisco, CA in 1979?
  • a 1995 TV series (remake) about a Bottlenose Dolphin?
  • a 1996 movie about a Bottlenose Dolphin?
  • one (of a pair) of diving fins?
  • one (of a pair) of flip-flops?
  • a stinkin’ acrylic contraption with a fake tooth; that hurts like hell; and that you wear when they’ve removed a REAL tooth from your mouth?
  • an enhancement device that attaches to the top of your cordless mouse?

If you picked the next to the last one, you are correctamundo — and that’s what I’ve been wearing since the oral surgeon removed my upper front tooth exactly two weeks ago.  The mouse helps keep it properly positioned in my mouth.

Cordless Mouse Flipper   Cordless Mouse Flipper   Cordless Mouse Flipper
Logitech Cordless Laser “Flipper” Mouse