There I was, just getting used to finally enjoy being outside in my own yard, without giving a care or thought as to whom (or what) was quietly sneaking up on me, just to bite me in the ass (or leg, or any body part within reach of his snake-like neck)…

Yup… George the “mean” goose is back.  He only lasted 8 days at his new home, which was complete with lonely female goose & loving kids.  After 5 days, he wouldn’t eat or come out of his new dog house.  The owner called my wife stating that “George just seems really sad.”  (Too bad I didn’t answer the phone, so I could tell her that I’ve been REALLY happy since George’s departure!)

Oh well.. they say geese mate for life, and apparently George has a ‘thing’ for my wife.  So now he’s back.  If only he’d just terrorize the goats & leave me alone….

George & Norman