A bit of good news today, which is nice, seeing as I lost one of my upper front teeth at the endodontist this past Tuesday.  (er, uh… I didn’t actually lose it… the endo-douche pulled it out)  Anywho’s… George, the big, mean goose that’s been terrorizing both me and my son for the past 8 years… is going to a NEW home!  Why, you might ask?  Well… he finally started attacking my wife, who is the proper ‘owner’ of all our pet farm animals (goats, chickens, guinea hens, etc.).  And when I say a new home, I really mean that.  George is going to a farm that has a single female goose.  George used to have a mate, but she died a few years ago.  Her death has nothing to do with his meanness… he became a vicious little shit when he was only a year old, and has only gotten worse over the past 7 years.  During most of that time George was sweet to my wife, and only directed his hostility toward everyone else (mainly me & my son).

Anyway’s… now I can freely roam about in our yard or barn without worrying about who’s trying to sneak up on me to bite the shit out of my leg.

G’bye George!  I won’t miss you!  NOT-ONE-SINGLE-BIT!!!  Have a great life & I hope the coyotes and/or foxes don’t get you!

(Actually… I lied.  I really don’t mind if the coyotes or foxes DO get you)

George (da goose)